Why Do Men Cheat and Lie? – Relationship Advice for Women

Hi there and welcome to GuideToGuys.com. This is your one-stop information hub regarding anything and everything to do with guys and why they are what they are AND why they act the way they act. While their actions may seem haphazard, questionable and unruly at best, the truth is that they are much simpler than women and a basic understanding of them and the way they think can go a long ways.

So you ask, “Why do men cheat?” or “Why do men lie?”.

It seems that no matter who or where or what the situation is, you always find that men just don’t tell the truth and can sit there and lie to your face as if HE believes it himself.Relationship Advice for Women

The reason for all of this is quite simple mind you. A man’s desires, or his priority desires, are driven by hormones and immediate gratification. Whereas women tend to think more about how their present actions can effect long term feelings, a man only knows right here, right now.

Of course not ALL men act on a whim without actually thinking through things first. But overall men tend to pay much more attention to how to get instant gratification right now, rather than what that might cost them down the road. They may not think much about how their actions and lies hurt the ones they love until it’s too late.

Too get a better understanding of men and why they do the things they do, be sure to watch this next video below. It goes into great detail about what you can do to save your relationship OR make sure you land a man that has been properly trained in how to treat a woman.

The Real Truth About Why Men Lie and Cheat – Short Video

I certainly hope that video shed some light about your man and what to expect from him in the future. That old saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” is probably true in most situations. So to think that you can control your man and think that he’s going to completely change, is just not being realistic.

And it should go without saying that to learn how to understand men better, and if you ever want to get him back, you must first understand how they think and what drives those thoughts and actions. Even married men cheat on their wives! Sad but true and it goes both ways now with women too.

Not all men cheat though, so please keep that in mind before you give up on love and relationships completely. Trust me when I say that if you had a boyfriend you can learn how to get your ex boyfriend back and/or there is a nice, handsome man out there waiting for you who will treat you with all of the respect and admiration in the world. You just might have to filter through all of the players, haters and cheaters first before you find the one right for you. This is just all a part of the long process that will be well worth it in the end.

Again, if you haven’t already, please be sure to watch this video from my good friend Michael who lays it all out and will put things into much more perspective than I can.